Who are we?

Ellen - Co-Owner
Who are you? Totally cliche but I've loved dogs and animals my whole life. I can't remember a time where I didn't see a furry creature and squeal in delight... even nowadays! I worked in corporate environments for about 10 years before I realized it was only fulfilling my bank account, not my life. I started working at a doggie daycare/boarding facility in PA before moving back to MN where I was the general manager of a doggie daycare for 5 years. The local daycare is also where I met Erin :)
Spirit animal: My corgi, Neddie is my spirit animal - sassy, cartoon-like and obsessed with food!
DIY or BUY: Hmmm... I like DIY but sometimes I end up having to BUY because my projects look like "Pinterest fails!"
Go to road trip snack: My special trail mix and kombucha.
Celebrity crush: Matthew Gray Gubler and Charlie Hunnam. <3
Non-dog hobby: Yoga and biking.
Guilty pleasure: Eating at buffets.
Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption.
Pet peeve: Flexi-leashes.
Minneapolis dog walking and running company

We're a licensed and insured dog walking & running company that believes in having a great time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do! Let's go for a walk!

Minneapolis dog walking and running company
Minneapolis dog walking and running company
Erin - Co-Owner
Who are you? I grew up on a farm with a love for all kinds of animals but dogs were always my #1. A proud "foster parent failure" to a handsome pittie-lab mix, Komo "Mystery-Man." I worked at a doggie daycare for 3 years and grew up on a farm raising beagles and multiple other dogs (and many cats!). I'm married to the running man of the group but not so much a runner myself (I am trying though!). I love sewing and small businesses and have my own shop, Finne & Flora, where I make topknot headbands and other goodies for babies (check out: www.finneandflora.etsy.com).  I studied retail merchandising/business management/sustainability studies at the University of Minnesota. I am working FT at a hat company at the moment but dreaming of dogs and sewing most of the time.
Spirit animal:  Owl.
DIY or BUY: DIY all the way!
Go to road trip snack: Random finds at gas stations along the way.
Celebrity crush: Aaron Paul, b*tch!
Non-dog hobby: Thrifting and Etsy.
Guilty pleasure: Sunday fundays.
Favorite movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Pet peeve:  Judging a dog by it's breed.
Brian - Walker+Runner
{Random tidbits}
Who are you? My love for dogs started when my parents let me rescue a pup I named Checkers. From then on I knew dogs would be a part of my life. Once Erin and I adopted Komo, I tried to figure out a way to expell all of his energy and get exercise for myself all in one. And then it clicked, running! It has changed my life and made Komo a happier and healthier dog. I hope to help out others' dogs who might just need a little more than a walk during the week.
Spirit animal: Squirrel.
DIY or BUy: Buy.
Go to road trip snack: Muffins.
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston.
Non-dog hobby: Collecting vinyl.
Guilty pleasure: Craft beers.
Favorite movie: Almost Famous.
Pet peeve:  Flexi-leashes.